Participation in EXPO Data Center 2015 in Mexico

Sollae Systems’ Argentina distributor EtherPower S.R.L. attended EXPO DataCenter in May of this year again. The exhibition was held from 5th to 6th of May at the World Trade Center as usual.

Distributors and suppliers of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) products and services were gathered in EXPO Data Center where brings innovations to directors of variety of systems and designers.

EtherPower S.R.L. sent us a few photos and a video of their booth. EtherPower’s booth was located right next to General Electric Company.

20150505_094821 (2)SAM_1991 (2) IMG_1240 (2)

This is a photo of showing an example of internet switch with two units of CIE-H10!20150505_104720 (2) IMG_1242 (2) 20150506_113853 (2)

Participation in AUTOMATICON 2015 in Poland

Sollae Systems’ Poland reseller ELFAN s.c. took part in an International trade fair called AUTOMATICON this year again.

AUTOMATICON is an annual international trade show held in Warsaw, Poland, which brings together players within the industrial automation industry; covering automation, measurement and robotics. This 20-year running event features seminars, lectures, presentations and a vast exhibition attracting more than 10,000 visitors.

This year the fair was opened for 4 days from March 17th to 20th. Many customers visited their booth and complimented Elfan and Sollae Systems’ products especially on the functionality.



Elfan assembled 2 functional applications for demonstration.

First one consisted of an energy analyser(Contrel) ⇔ CSW-H85K (for tunelling) ⇔ CSW-H85K ⇔ PBH-101 ⇔ WiFi (Smartphone-Android).

So visitors could see the measures on their smartphone application via browser.



Second one consisted of CIE-H14 ⇔ CSE-H55N ⇔ CSW-H85K(via Ethernet) ⇔ WiFi (Smartphone-Android).

So visitors could see the I/O states on their smartphone via Elfan’s special application freely available in Google Play Shop.



These demonstrations led a lot of interest and ended up successfully as they expected. Elfan had many great chances to introduce integrated system with theirs and Sollae Systems’ products to plenty of attendees.


Promising Export Firm Certificate

Sollae Systems has been certified as “Promising Export Firm” by SMBA !

Our CEO and two co-workers went to the ceremony and its presentation.

The presentation was about how to enter into China marketplace.

Sollae Systems always try hard to give the best solution to our customers with leading technologies!

Enjoy pictures and celebrate with us fox! :)



17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea

asian games

Sollae Systems want to proudly announce that the 17th Asian Games is placed in Incheon, and is starting 19th of September, 2014!

It is very exciting for us because Sollae Systems started our business in Incheon since September of 1998.

We sincerely wish the Asian games a complete success.

September of this year is special to us, because there is opening of Asian Games in Incheon, and Sollae Systems had celebration for a foundation day on the 12th.

Celebrate with us! :)