[I/O Device Server Application] Internet Switch

This video is about “internet switch” which is an application of Sollae Systems’ remote I/O controllers.
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[Internet Switch]
Sollae Systems’ remote I/O controller monitors and controls information of digital input port and digital output port. This process of our remote I/O controller is done with TCP/IP through an Ethernet port.

Input and output ports can be monitored and controlled via Modbus/TCP and HTTP. Also, when you set up a value to input port for output port by using a basic logical function, which is called Macro mode, each set of input and output port can be operated independently.

Besides, when you modify one unit of CIE-H10 and several units of CIE-H12, the system can work as two-way remote controllers. CIE-H10 has 8 of input and output ports and CIE-H12 and EZI-10 have 1 port. When you set CIE-H10 to work as Modbus/TCP Slave, and CIE-H12 or EZI-10 as Modbus/TCP Master, you can operate a system such as 1:N Internet switch.

For example, connect a physical switch line with input port of CIE-H10, and connect anything that you want to turn on and off from a remote site such as fan, air conditioner, lights in factory with output port of CIE-H12. As long as there is internet connection on both sites, you can easily turn on and off at any time and from anywhere.

Other than the example above, remote I/O controllers can be applied to power, motor, or actuator control system and remote PC on/off system.

Office door open control using internet switch

We want to introduce an application of an Internet switch with two units of CIE-H12. We made “1:1 Internet switch” to control our office door.

CIE-H12 is an Ethernet remote I/O controller that has 2 input ports (dry contact and wet contact) and 1 relay output port.


*For more information about the CIE-H12, please visit the following link: http://blog.eztcp.com/cie-h12-1-port-remote-io-controller/

Usually, EM lock is installed on the door which is controlled by an interphone or an exit button (exit switch). Today, we will connect a CIE-H12′s output port to the door open switch of the interphone, and another CIE-H12′s input port to a button switch.

Sollae Systems Co., Ltd. R&D center has an access control system for security purpose.

Below is a photo of the system that was taken from the outside of our office.IMG_7009

When someone presses the button on the right side of the door, an interphone installed in the office will ring.

This is the interphone installed in the office.IMG_7008

Because the interphone is located a bit far away from desks, someone inside has to get up and reach the interphone to open the door.

So, we set up an Internet switch to open the door from the desk. We prepared two units of CIE-H12 and configured their settings with ezManager.

<ezManager Settings>setting

First, we connected a button switch to the CIE-H12′s input port.IMG_7010

We checked whether the other CIE-H12′s LED turned on or not when we pressed the button switch. You can watch the following video for this.

After the test, we connected the output port of the CIE-H12 to a switch terminal on the back of the interphone.IMG_7007

Then, it was all ready to open the office door with the button switch when the interphone rang. Please watch the following video of a real demonstration!

Thank you!

Security System Monitoring

This is a security device monitoring system where Sollae Systems` Serial to Ethernet Device server is applied.

The main controller in the image below manages and controls the EM LOCK, access control equipment, warning lights, CCTV at home or office to monitor the security system. The main controller usually communicates with the integrated security server without ezTCP. If malfunction in the main controller occurs, however, you lose control of monitoring all of your security equipment. When this happens, you need ezTCP to monitor and check operation status of the main controller in real time. With ezTCP, you can safely maintain your security system.

Sollae systems` Serial to Ethernet Device Server helps you to watch current situation of your home or office from a remote site in real time.


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