[I/O Device Server Application] Internet Switch

This video is about “internet switch” which is an application of Sollae Systems’ remote I/O controllers.
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[Internet Switch]
Sollae Systems’ remote I/O controller monitors and controls information of digital input port and digital output port. This process of our remote I/O controller is done with TCP/IP through an Ethernet port.

Input and output ports can be monitored and controlled via Modbus/TCP and HTTP. Also, when you set up a value to input port for output port by using a basic logical function, which is called Macro mode, each set of input and output port can be operated independently.

Besides, when you modify one unit of CIE-H10 and several units of CIE-H12, the system can work as two-way remote controllers. CIE-H10 has 8 of input and output ports and CIE-H12 and EZI-10 have 1 port. When you set CIE-H10 to work as Modbus/TCP Slave, and CIE-H12 or EZI-10 as Modbus/TCP Master, you can operate a system such as 1:N Internet switch.

For example, connect a physical switch line with input port of CIE-H10, and connect anything that you want to turn on and off from a remote site such as fan, air conditioner, lights in factory with output port of CIE-H12. As long as there is internet connection on both sites, you can easily turn on and off at any time and from anywhere.

Other than the example above, remote I/O controllers can be applied to power, motor, or actuator control system and remote PC on/off system.

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