Sollae Systems’ CSE-T16: Console Server

CSE-T16 is a console server supporting 16 serial ports. If you plug consoles of other machines into the serial ports, CSE-T16 allows you to access these consoles from anywhere on the network as if the consoles were right in front of you. In addition, CSE-T16 supports logging of all of the console lines. For security, a password is required to connect to a console. Consoles can have multiple connections, although only one connection will be able to type, the others will be read-only and it is possible to take over someone else’s connection. Multiple processes act as servers, so performance can be tuned by distributing consoles across processes.

CSE-T16 can be applied in communication environments such as Remote Console Monitoring and etc.

There are three different version of CSE-T series. CSE-T16 is a first version that supports 16 serial ports.

Benefits & Features
-RS232 to Ethernet Converter
-Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX: Auto-Sensing
-16 x RS232: RJ45, up to 115,200bps
-Security Functions: SSL3.0/TLS1.0, Password
-Separator settings for packet fragmentation
-3 Communication modes: TCP Server, TCP Client and UDP
-A variety of ways to monitor communication status: ezManager, -TELNET, SSH
-Telnet COM Port Control Option: Telnet with RFC2217
-Support of DHCP for DSL and cable network
-DNS: easy access using domain name
-DDNS: dynamic IP address management by domain name
-Firmware upgrade through Network
-Powerful management software for Windows OS: ezManager
-Virtual COM Port Redirector for Windows OS: ezVSP
-Environmentally-friendly RoHS compliant

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