Fog Observation System

Nothing can be seen on a heavily foggy day. It could be so dangerous that the weather center is observing how long distance we can see things clearly in fog.

Sollae Systems` serial to Ethernet device server can be applied to fog observation system. In the weather center, the fog observation system is necessary along with its equipment. One of their equipment is visibility meter, which measures a distance how far the vision is clear.

Our serial to Ethernet device server gets serial data from the equipment, and send it to main server by wire/wireless LAN. Especially when you use serial to wireless device server, it is very convenient to monitor fog condition from a remote site. It also makes a link to various information about visibility meter.

Shortly, you can always monitor remotely by adding network function to serial communication of visibility meter.


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Typical Applications

ezTCP is Sollae Systems’ brand name. ezTCP converts serial data to TCP/IP protocol, and enables serial communication to TCP/IP communication.

Many equipment used in the previous industry is operated by serial communication. Many equipment used in the previous industry is operated by serial communication. Because serial communication was widely used, using those equipment nowadays has difficulty in communicating by LAN or Internet. To share information through the network, data should be compliant with international data handling protocol called “TCP/IP”. Reforming the equipment to be enabled LAN or Internet communication, users not only have to change hardware of the equipment to program TCP/IP protocol, but also have difficulties with high initial installation and maintenance cost as well as distance limitation.

However, Sollae Systems’ ezTCP is there to solve those difficulties. ezTCP is designed to control and monitor serial equipment over the network. When there is serial data coming in to ezTCP, it converts the data to TCP/IP and send it to network.