Remote Console Management

In order to manage equipment in unmanned BTS, you must visit the site regularly. So if you experience a problem with your equipment it takes long time to take action after determining what causes it.

Sollae Systems’ console servers, CSE-T16 and CSE-T32, can help you to connect your system console to a network.

Therefore, if a network connection is enabled, you can identify the problem of the equipment through the console server from a remote site as well as recovering the system.

You can also reset, reboot, reconfigure your equipment without visiting the site. Remote Console Management

CSE-T32, 32-port Console Server

CSE-T32 is a console server supporting 32 serial ports.If you plug consoles of other machines into the serial ports, CSE-T32 allows you to access these consoles from anywhere on the network as if the consoles were right in front of you. In addition, CSE-T32 supports logging of all of the console lines. For security, a password is required to connect to a console. Consoles can have multiple connections, although only one connection will be able to type, the others will be read-only (and it is possible to take over someone else’s connection). Multiple processes act as servers, so performance can be tuned by distributing consoles across processes.

CSE-T32 can be applied in communication environments such as Remote Console Monitoring and etc.

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