CSW-M85, Embedded Serial to WiFi Module

CSW-M85 is an embedded serial to WiFi module that enables you to add wireless networking capabilities to your industrial equipment via UART. So by applying this serial to WiFi module, you can control and monitor your serial devices from anywhere in the world over WiFi.

CSW-M85 comes preloaded with Soft AP so that it can simply be linked to any devices with WiFi by operating as an AP. Thanks to this feature, it makes it easier for you to construct network with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops where WiFi network is inaccessible. This serial to WiFi module offers an enhanced security protocol, WPA Enterprise for business purpose to ensure high protection and reliability. CSW-M85 also provides Wireless RSSI mode that enables you to directly check the wireless signal strength through LEDs.

With infrastructure and Ad-hoc network provided, this embedded serial to WiFi module can be used for various wireless applications: POS System, Automobile Diagnosis, Survival Game, etc.

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LQ Indication mode of CSW-M85

look into LQ indication mode (or Received Signal Strength Indication mode)

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has 4 operation modes.


Normal mode

mode is for normal data communication and configuration.

are 4 communication modes.


Serial Configuration mode

mode is for configuration via a serial port.

get you get a new CSW-M85, you should use this mode for the first


ISP mode

mode is for upgrading firmware.


LQ indication mode (or RSSI mode)

mode is for indicating received signal strength with 4 LEDs


to use the LQ indication mode


pin(LINK_Q#) of CON1 to GND. (Give LOW to LINK_Q# pin)

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this mode, CSW-M85 works normally as operating in normal mode and indicates
RSSI with 4 LEDs

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of states is described in the table below.

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CSW-M85, seiral to Wi-Fi converting module, has been released!

CSW-M85 has been released.
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As you can see in the above picture, this module has a shield can for Wi-Fi adaptor.
The adaptor uses RT3070 chipset of Ralink corp.
CSW-M85 supports IEEE802.11b/g/n.
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This module has not only 2dBi chip antenna, but also U.FL socket for an external antenna.
Users can select one of them with ezManager, configuration utility.

CSW-M85 support a useful functions as follows:

1.  H/W Factory Reset
Users can always load default values with this function.
The module allows customizing he default value set.

2.  Indicating RSSI mode
CSW-M85 shows 4 levels of Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) using 4 LEDs.

For further information, please visit our website below.
CSW-M85 home page

The Test for Measuring CSW-M85 Communication Distance Outdoor

The Test for Measuring CSW-M85 Communication Distance Outdoor

Last July, the test for measuring communication distance was progressed in Songdo International Business District where it is easy to secure the straight-line distance as you can see in the picture below.

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The following is the system composition and test method.

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The types of antennas are as follows:
(1) Chip type antenna
(2) Internal(Chip) type cable antenna + 11.5cm cable / W51-BO-XX / WINIZEN
(3) External type antenna + 11.5cm cable / Hankook Antenna
(4) All-in-one external antenna(9cm cable) / Hankook Antenna
(5) All-in-one external antenna(15cm cable) / Lynx
(6) Patch antenna / Hankook Antenna

Measuring elements are RSSI, Link Wuality(LQ), and receive sensitivity each. RSSI and Link Quality was measured on CSW-M85 side,
and receive sensitivity was done on AP side.

The results came out as follows:

1. RSSI / Unit: dBm
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2. LQ (M85) / Unit : %

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3. LQ (AP) / Unit : %
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Please note that the values may be different according to the applied environment.