[I/O Device Server Application] Internet Switch

This video is about “internet switch” which is an application of Sollae Systems’ remote I/O controllers.
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[Internet Switch]
Sollae Systems’ remote I/O controller monitors and controls information of digital input port and digital output port. This process of our remote I/O controller is done with TCP/IP through an Ethernet port.

Input and output ports can be monitored and controlled via Modbus/TCP and HTTP. Also, when you set up a value to input port for output port by using a basic logical function, which is called Macro mode, each set of input and output port can be operated independently.

Besides, when you modify one unit of CIE-H10 and several units of CIE-H12, the system can work as two-way remote controllers. CIE-H10 has 8 of input and output ports and CIE-H12 and EZI-10 have 1 port. When you set CIE-H10 to work as Modbus/TCP Slave, and CIE-H12 or EZI-10 as Modbus/TCP Master, you can operate a system such as 1:N Internet switch.

For example, connect a physical switch line with input port of CIE-H10, and connect anything that you want to turn on and off from a remote site such as fan, air conditioner, lights in factory with output port of CIE-H12. As long as there is internet connection on both sites, you can easily turn on and off at any time and from anywhere.

Other than the example above, remote I/O controllers can be applied to power, motor, or actuator control system and remote PC on/off system.

Participation in EXPO Data Center 2015 in Mexico

Sollae Systems’ Argentina distributor EtherPower S.R.L. attended EXPO DataCenter in May of this year again. The exhibition was held from 5th to 6th of May at the World Trade Center as usual.

Distributors and suppliers of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) products and services were gathered in EXPO Data Center where brings innovations to directors of variety of systems and designers.

EtherPower S.R.L. sent us a few photos and a video of their booth. EtherPower’s booth was located right next to General Electric Company.

20150505_094821 (2)SAM_1991 (2) IMG_1240 (2)

This is a photo of showing an example of internet switch with two units of CIE-H10!20150505_104720 (2) IMG_1242 (2) 20150506_113853 (2)

4-Port Serial to Ethernet/WLAN Converter, CSC-H64

CSC-H64 is a serial to Ethernet/WLAN converter that enables your serial devices to carry robust networking capabilities. This serial to Ethernet/WLAN converter offers 4 serial ports interfaced with RS232/RS422/RS485 and a frame delimiter for packet fragmentation.

CSC-H64 comes preloaded with Soft AP so it can simply be linked to any devices with WLAN by operating as an AP. It eases network construction with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops where an AP is unavailable.

Ensuring reliable operation with industrial temperature range of -40℃~+85℃ -without a USB WLAN adapter-, along with an overvoltage, reverse voltage and overcurrent protection circuit, makes this Serial to Ethernet/WLAN converter suitable for harsh industrial environments.

CSC-H64 can be used in diverse applications such as Remote Console Monitoring, Automatic Fare Collection System, etc.


Learn More http://www.eztcp.com/en/products/csc-h64.php