Remote Console Management

In order to manage equipment in unmanned BTS, you must visit the site regularly. So if you experience a problem with your equipment it takes long time to take action after determining what causes it.

Sollae Systems’ console servers, CSE-T16 and CSE-T32, can help you to connect your system console to a network.

Therefore, if a network connection is enabled, you can identify the problem of the equipment through the console server from a remote site as well as recovering the system.

You can also reset, reboot, reconfigure your equipment without visiting the site. Remote Console Management

Remote Console Monitoring

Various industrial network devices such as a router are embedded with console ports to develop, evaluate, test and control equipment. Such console ports normally communicate through RS232, but RS232-based communication limits your access to the console ports due to short communication distance and one-to-one way communication. It is unfortunate these are only accessible by users on site.

However, Sollae Systems` console server helps these console ports to connect to the network in order to facilitate remote diagnosis of your devices or software development. Especially, Sollae Systems’ multi-port console server offers an ideal solution to get rid of difficulties on composition of wiring or network caused by serial communication’s characteristic in case of developing and controlling dozens of devices with a PC.

In addition, with Soft AP offered by Sollae Systems’ serial WiFi device server, you can easily manage your devices through their console ports despite they are located where you can hardly approach.

10_Remote Console Monitoring

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