Office door open control using internet switch

We want to introduce an application of an Internet switch with two units of CIE-H12. We made “1:1 Internet switch” to control our office door.

CIE-H12 is an Ethernet remote I/O controller that has 2 input ports (dry contact and wet contact) and 1 relay output port.


*For more information about the CIE-H12, please visit the following link:

Usually, EM lock is installed on the door which is controlled by an interphone or an exit button (exit switch). Today, we will connect a CIE-H12′s output port to the door open switch of the interphone, and another CIE-H12′s input port to a button switch.

Sollae Systems Co., Ltd. R&D center has an access control system for security purpose.

Below is a photo of the system that was taken from the outside of our office.IMG_7009

When someone presses the button on the right side of the door, an interphone installed in the office will ring.

This is the interphone installed in the office.IMG_7008

Because the interphone is located a bit far away from desks, someone inside has to get up and reach the interphone to open the door.

So, we set up an Internet switch to open the door from the desk. We prepared two units of CIE-H12 and configured their settings with ezManager.

<ezManager Settings>setting

First, we connected a button switch to the CIE-H12′s input port.IMG_7010

We checked whether the other CIE-H12′s LED turned on or not when we pressed the button switch. You can watch the following video for this.

After the test, we connected the output port of the CIE-H12 to a switch terminal on the back of the interphone.IMG_7007

Then, it was all ready to open the office door with the button switch when the interphone rang. Please watch the following video of a real demonstration!

Thank you!

Home Security System

Sollae Systems’ Remote I/O Controller can be applied to home security system which is sort of alert system when there is a trespasser.

If a sensor (infrared light sensor or outdoor motion sensor) detects movement under a certain setting, Sollae Systems’ remote I/O controller senses a signal contact from the sensor. Then, the remote I/O controller sends a signal to integration server for an alert. Sollae Systems’ remote I/O controller can be used as communication gateway.


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Using CIE-H10 as a Wireless LAN I/O Controller

CIE-H10 is a remote I/O Controller based on Ethernet. However, by using a special IP share router, the product can be operated on Wireless LAN. Now, let’s look into how can make it.


Used devices & program

- CIE-H10

 - IP Share Router: G104 (EFM networks)

 - AP: G104M (EFM networks)

 - ezManager(v3.0A)


System scheme (Real)

User image


System scheme (abstract)

User image 


User image

 1. CIE-H10

a. Check the Modbus/TCP or Web (HTTP) options

b. Select the option of [Master/Slave] as Slave

c. Select the Passive Connection

d. a b and c are values of default

F  In case of selecting [Master] on step b, and Active Connection on setp c, it is not cause any problem. It just to avoid confusing.


2. IP Share Router (G104)

a. Set the operation mode to WLAN card

F  G104 model of IP TIME has WLAN card mode option. This option let us can do this. If the option is active, the router will be operated as a Wireless LAN card.

b. Input the same SSID with AP’s

c. Make a connection with the AP on wireless link


3. AP(G104M)

 a. Set SSID

 b. Connect the AP to the PC (It is okay to use HUB)


Test (Modbus/TCP)

User image

A. Run ezManager

B. Search the CIE-H10 with [Search All] button

C. When you select the MAC address of the CIE-H10 in result box, Modbus/TCP test program will be created automatically by ezManager

D. Press [Connect] button and test all the input/output ports

F  If you test this in local network with private IP address, check the addresses are correct.


Test (HTTP)

User image

A. Before doing this, you should upgrade the firmware to 1.3A, the latest released version.

B. And then, download webpage through the ezManager.

F  If you have already the F/W and HTTP files, go to the next step C.

F  Refer to this document for upgrade F/W [Click Here]

F  Download the F/W files and Examples of Homepage [Click Here]
           C. Run web browser

D. Input the IP address of CIE-H10

E. Test all the input/output ports